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    United Kingdom 


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  3. "My first love
    was some insignificant boy
    when it should have been
  4. whatthekidsareinto:

    Burning Feet by Fairchild

    A music video chock full of eye candy and 80s references from Australian indie pop band Fairchild. I hear hints of Vampire Weekend in this track, so if Ezra Koenig and company is your cup of tea then click play above. For more Fairchild music check out their latest EP here.

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    Comme Des Garçons Play Footwear

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  7. Diem & CT forever!

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    Everything you love is here

  10. naturallyaprincess:

    bandanas look perfect with t.w.a. hairstyles!

  12. naturallyaprincess:

    beanies are so cute with twa hairstyles!